Oct 20


Hello thecybergal readers. Making the Windows installer with USB stick media not as difficult as what we thought. This process is quite challenging, and in the end when you successfully about that, then the sense of satisfaction will be found. In this article, I recommend you using WinSetupFromUSB to make Installer Windows OS from USB stick.

WinSetupFromUSB is quite simple with a good success rate. OK, without a lot of speaking, if you want to create a Windows Installer from USB stick, please click WinSetupFromUSB to download the software. To get complete downloadable softwares, click download tools here. After the software downloaded, then follow these instructions bellow:

1. Install WinSetupFromUSB into your Windows OS. (XP, Vista, 7).

2. Prepare your USB stick as the Windows installation media. Make sure you’ve made backups of the contents of your USB stick, because this process will format your USB stick.

3.Create a folder to store the Windows Installer file (e. g. D:WinXP). Copy all files from the Installation Disk into the folder (D:WinXP).

4. Run WinSetupFromUSB while your USB stick mounted.

5. Select the Installation Source (D:WinXP).

6. Format your USB stick by pressing RMPrepUSB button. To the better performance, select FAT16 if your USB Disk is less than or equal to 2 GB, and select FAT32 if your USB Disk is more than or equal to 4GB.

7. Checkmark on Boot as HDD (2PTNS), and under Boot Options adjust to the which Windows loader will be installed. If you want to make a Bootable USB XP Installer, select XP Bootable (NTLDR).

8. After all configurations finished, click on Prepare Drive.

9. Copy all files from folder we created (D:WinXP) by pressing Go button, if you see License Agreement window, just go ahead and click Agree.

10. Change your Boot Sequence to USB stick. This installation steps have two parts. You have to select First Part until the computer restarted, and again boot from your USB stick and select the Second Part when the initial setup screen appear.

NB. When you think to install Windows XP on Built Up PC or Netbook like HP Mini 110-1100 Tord you must slipstream the SATA driver to prevent from BSoD during installation process. Again, why I use WinSetupFromUSB because when I used other method I always get the Error Message which tell me about “INF file txtsetup.sif is missing or corrupt, status 18”. Since I found WinSetupFromUSB this problem can be healed successfully.

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