Sep 14

自从Google减少了GAE的资源配额后,比较早的一些Micolog会在很短的时间内将免费的资源消耗殆尽。在大家的强烈要求,作者发布了”rebuild”版本,将Django升级到1.2版本,达到了基本上能用的程度。其实还需要自己做一些比较的修改,依靠GAE提供的免费配额就可以支持一整天了,看到很多人都开始从Micolog逃离了,到目前为止GAE的稳定性和安全性还算是最好的,而且你不用担心GAE某天突然不能用了。前段时间的Dotcloud就删除了免费的版本,我架设在GAE上的站点就被删除了。GAE上另外一个基于Java的博客系统B3log Solo目前也很流行,作者对系统进行了很好的优化,而且更新很频繁,bug的提交修改也很及时。

1.选择使用“High Replication”,使用最新的代码,两个版本”rebuild”和”master”都可以试一下。代码地址为:。



3.在GAE管理后台,将”Max Idle Instances”滑动到最左边,将”Min Pending Latency”滑动到最右边,最大限度的节约系统资源。



Oct 30


I would like to thank XuMing and his Micolog, it’s very small blog program on GAE but functional is quite complete. Micolog is a good reference source code if you are newly toGoogle App Engine. There is also someone who write a article about how to upgrade the exist Micolog from Django 0.96 to Django 1.2, the article is download is broken and still have some problem about template safe notation modify here and there.

So I would like to contribute a modified version of Micolog v7.412 source code, which I spend quite several days to debug and merge the change both in the new and old SVN on Google Code code repository, I also change/enhanced the feature as below:

  • Update tinymce editor to version 3.9.4
  • Fix IE6 can not comment bug
  • Fix sys_plugin can no load error
  • Minor change Pixel theme css
  • Add IE9 pin site feature in Pixel
  • Do some python code standard layout and import optimize
  • Allow suppress logo and other not needed copyright in admin page
  • Fix email notify in sys_plugin after upgrade to 1.2
  • Add replay via comments
  • New paging facility

The source code is also used in this blog and seems quite stable and I hope you will like it.


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