Feb 07


- subnet:
  description: a single IP address
- subnet:
  description: an IPv4 subnet
- subnet: abcd::123:4567
  description: an IPv6 address
- subnet: abcd::123:4567/48
  description: an IPv6 subnet


A dos.yaml file in the root directory of your application (alongside app.yaml) configures DoS Protection Service blacklists for your application. The following is an example dos.yaml file:

The syntax of dos.yaml is the YAML format. For more information about this syntax, see the YAML website.

A dos.yaml file consists of a number of blacklist entries. A blacklist entry has a subnet, and can optionally specify a description. The description will be visible in the Admin Console. The subnet is any valid IPv4 or IPv6 subnet in CIDR notation.

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